Sustainable Health Choices

Sustainable Health Choices

Sustainable Health Choices offers therapeutic manual therapy to help you grow out of soft tissue imbalances that impede you physically, emotionally, or mentally. There is focus on providing relief, educating you, and delivering compassionate care to ensure that you are heard and respected.

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Structural Integration

Structural Integration Consultation - $85
An SI initial consultation, which includes an assessment and short treatment, and will introduce you to structural work.
12 Series Session - $115
The KMI series is designed to progressively build support, sturdiness,and balance throughout the structural system. The work is done systematically over the course of 12 sessions, and follows the Anatomy Trains map.
3 Series Session - $115
The 3 series is a deeper introduction to structural integration, and has 3 sessions to address one major headline in the legs, feet, and pelvis; abdomen and ribcage; and the neck and spine.
Post Series Tune-UP
Designed for those that have gone through the 3 or 12 series.
1/2 Hour SI consult - $50 (call for appointment)


Tibetan Acupressure - $65
Incredible system for pain relief, and creates an atomosphere of mindfulness, and loving kindness. Compassionate touch is delivered to acu points on the feet, legs, hands, shoulders, head, and back. It is administered with the client sitting upright and fully dressed in a chair or wheelchair
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